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Mountain View Middle School offers a quality education in a small school setting. As we implement our state standards, curriculum and instruction is focused on providing students with the 21st century skills necessary for students to be successful in college and beyond. Our emphasis is placed on the development of skills that are centered on the following “4 C’s”: communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. It is the vision of Mountain View to provide an environment where all students can reach their potential for growth both academically and socially. We strive to create an environment where all students can feel safe and valued for their uniqueness and abilities. We continue to reach out to parents and community members through Aeries, Jupiter Ed, Parent Square, and the Mountain View website, monthly newsletters, marquee, and Facebook page.

In addition to the regular school curricular program, Mountain View offers enrichment, intervention and support programs. Some of the support programs include tutoring and intervention held after school. Enrichment classes such as drama, yoga, choir and the Missoula Children’s Theatre program are also offered after school. The after-school sports program includes volleyball, soccer, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball and track. Mountain View Middle School provides a safe, clean environment as evidenced by the low number of major injuries and the general appearance of our grounds. At present, classroom space, restroom facilities, storage, library, the computer lab and office facilities are adequate to support the instructional program. The school is in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, fire drill and disaster drill frequency, and health-inspection criteria.

Parent involvement is highly encouraged at Mountain View Middle School. Research indicates that when parents are involved we experience an increase in attendance, grades, test scores and graduation rates. Correlating with this, we also have observed a decrease in absenteeism and discipline. We have an open-door policy at the school where parents are welcome to come to the office at any time to discuss the needs of their child or to discuss the many ways in which they can be involved with the school and their child’s education. Our students will graduate from the 8th grade prepared for high school.  The overwhelming majority of our students will advance to the Turlock School District where they will attend either Turlock High School or Pitman High School.

Mountain View’s Virtual Graduation 2019-2020

Mountain View Middle School

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Mountain View Newsletter

Our Mission

The Mountain View Middle School staff is committed to providing a quality education program within an environment that promotes self-worth and values human dignity. We as a staff recognize the need to provide for our students’ academic, social, physical and emotional needs which will allow them to be successful throughout their educational career and beyond. We embrace and celebrate diversity while acknowledging that our commonalities, humor, commitment, perseverance, courage, teamwork, vision, spirit and respect for others make us all successful.

Staff Directory

Mountain View Middle School                 209-664-8515

Lewis, Steve               Mountain View Middle School Principal     

Ramirez, Anna                                   Secretary                                   

Souza, Nancy                                     Nurse                                          

Machado, Courtney                        Counseling                                  

Carlson, Zelia                                     Library                                        


Carroll, Theresa                 Special Day                                             

Farris, Robyn                      8th grade Language Arts/History     

Hack, Jennifer                   7th grade Math/Science/PE                

Haley, Isabel                      6th grade Math/Science/History       

Moak, Kelly                        7th grade Language Arts/History      

Nance, Laura                      6th grade Language Arts/History      

Santos, Terri                       Resource                                                 

Silva, Carrie                         8th grade Math/Science/PE              


Aguiar, Lucinda                         Food Services                      

Santos, Cecilia                           Para Educator                     

Newman, Maria                        Para Educator                    

Silva, Marilyn                           Yard/Cafe Duty                   

Michaels, Shawna                    Yard/Cafe Duty                   

Brasil, Bill                                  AM Custodian

Silva, Gilbert                             PM Custodian                      

Modesto, CA, USA

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Mountain View Middle School

10001 Crows Landing Rd.
Crows Landing, CA 95313

Phone: 209-664-8515
Fax: 209-669-1733

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